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About Anne



Anne Moreau’s path is atypical. It built her personality and a certain vision for her job : that of tailor-made, demanding events, planned down to the smallest details like a Haute Couture collection. Events where everything seems to flow and where emotion has its place, due to hard work behind the scenes.


The encounter

Her business school and master’s degree in fashion history directed her towards luxury. Her first internship at Dior sealed her destiny: she was noticed by John Galliano who offered her to follow him. She remained by his side for 7 years. Organizing fashion shows in France and abroad, setting up castings, preparing research trips around the world, she participated in everything. She witnessed the birth of collections from the inside, feeling the pulse of the creative process. While working with the designer she developed a sharp attention to detail and a strong capacity to multi-task. She also learned to let her creativity run free and cultivated a passion for travel.



This passion for travels carries her through the next phase of her career as Operational Marketing Manager  at Dior in Europe, Russia and the Middle East first, then in New York where she settles as Director of Events for North America. There she immersed herself  in the American culture and built a new network. Whether she runs the inauguration of a boutique in Dubai or a big budget happening in Miami, her energy is the same. Just like her demand for excellence; uncompromising. Abroad she became an evangelist for French luxury.



Upon her return to Paris, Anne creates her own business. She organizes her first private events and it is a revelation : she is behind the scenes of the best day of the life of her clients. The human adventure is intense, immense, almost more thrilling than the most extraordinary of fashion shows, which, by her own admission, is fueled above all by emotion.


Events according to Anne Moreau

Anne Moreau’s event trademark is a paradox: none of them are the same. Precisely because every event resembles first and foremost her client, their personality and their desires. But they are connected by a common thread : from private events to corporate events, each one is truly developed in an Haute Couture spirit, from creative drafts to the finishing touches in the effervescence on D-Day. If Anne likes to stay in the shadows, her events truly shine.